The WEDO Game ( Family addition )

The WEDO game ( Family addition) is for all the family age guide is 5 to adult . 
The game is about disconnecting from TV , smart phones and social media and sitting down spending quality time together 
as a family! 
The invention of this game came about when the family noticed their daughter would come home 
from school and get straight on her Smart Ph / laptop and they would hardly speak or spend quality time with her ! 
They themselves struggled to put down Phones and iPads ! 
Sound familiar ? 
The Wedo game was created as a way of forcing them to ' Disconnect ' from screens and ' reconnect ' spending more 
quality time as a family. 
This Award winning game is easy to play and consists of 30 activity cards, simply pick a card and follow the instructions! 
You don't need to be lucky or talented , there's no right or wrong answers! 
It's about having a go, laughing and learning as a family. 
Activities have been designed to play over and over again. 
The game focusses on creativity, imagination and the fostering of meaningful conversation between parents and their 
Australian Designed and made . 


$33.50 AUD
Approx $23.58 USD

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